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16 Gibus MED Twist pergola Gibus MED Twist pergola Bioclimatic pergola solutions easily control the microclimate under cover with the help of natural ventilation. All technical innovations work harmoniously with the powder-coated aluminum support structure. Characterized by an elegant, modern design, thereby enhancing the aesthetics of the product. The cover consists of pivot table blade. In sunny weather the open blades are pleasant they provide a feeling by creating a natural flow of air. When it rains, a closed lamellas direct the rainwater into the gutter integrated into the support structure. The side blade guarantees complete insulation. The perfect connection of the blades prevents precipitation from entering the structure. Twist Motion, a patented opening movement of the pergola guarantees an elegant movement. The built-in LED lighting gives the structure an exclusive atmosphere, can be used in the lamellae or on the flange structure. In the latter case, the LED lights up even if the slats are open. BIOCLIMATIC PERGOLAS